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Using your organization's domain in the Sent email address as your Oracle B2C Service mailbox
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How can we have our company's domain name in the "Sent" email address instead of the ""?


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We have an Oracle-managed mailbox used to process Service email requests submitted by our customers. We want our company's domain name to show in the "Sent" email address instead of the "@mail<pod>" when the email is initially sent and when our customers reply to subsequent emails we send them.


It is possible to redirect email from your mailbox to the hosted mailbox and to also retain the Reply-To address for your own domain.

To do this, there are a couple of steps to follow:

1. First, the Friendly From/Branded Address field of the mailbox you are looking to brand needs to be modified, so that emails sent from Oracle B2C Service to look like they are coming from your corporate domain (i.e. From:

Enter an email with your domain in the Friendly From / Branded Address

2. To avoid emails being rejected by the recipients due to authentication issues, DomainKeys and DKIM authentication will need to be setup. Please refer to DomainKeys and DKIM email authentication configuration.

With this setup, when your customers submit email to the SMTP forwarding account that contains your domain name, your system will redirect the email messages to the hosted mailbox, where they are processed by Techmail and turned into incidents. When you respond to one of these incidents, your end-users see the name of your own mailbox in the Reply-To field.

However, when your customers will reply in their mail client to these emails they got, they will see the address. To have change this so it is also, continue with the next steps

3. Your IT group must configure an SMTP forwarding mail account to redirect messages to the hosted mailbox. For example would be forwarded to

4. Go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Mailboxes and set the Reply-To address field for the hosted mailbox to the SMTP forwarding account your IT group configured.

Set the Reply-To address field for the hosted mailbox to the SMTP forwarding account your IT group configured.

With all four steps complete, when your customers will click reply in their mail client to the emails they got from you, they will see

Note: The Envelope From / Bounce Address field for the hosted mailbox (Configuration > Site Configuration > Mailboxes) should remain the address of the hosted mailbox, for example, so that bounce messages are handled correctly.

For more details about the benefits of the mail system that Oracle Service Cloud has deployed, refer to Oracle B2C Service email deployment.

For additional information, refer to the 'Customize the mailing message header' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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