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Agents get disconnected when using Oracle Service Chat
Answer ID 1270   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2022

When we use Oracle Service Chat and are either idle or actively chatting, we get disconnected within a few minutes.


Oracle Service Chat
Oracle B2C Service


Two different situations may explain why you and your staff get disconnected, depending on whether you are disconnected at consistent time intervals or at inconsistent intervals.

Disconnected at Consistent Time Intervals

If you and your staff get disconnected from Oracle Service Chat at consistent intervals, e.g. every 5 minutes, contact your firewall administrator and inform them a firewall timeout is disconnecting your chat sessions every 'x' minutes. The firewall administrator needs to make modifications to port 80 to prevent this from happening.

Disconnected at Inconsistent Time Intervals

If you and your staff are disconnected at inconsistent time intervals, e.g. sometimes 7 minutes, sometimes 9 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes, contact your proxy administrator and let them know that chat sessions are being disconnected at inconsistent time intervals. The proxy administrator needs to make modifications to the proxy server so that all traffic destined for your live server is bypassed by the proxy. For more information on optimal network configuration, refer to Answer ID 31: Oracle B2C Service infrastructure Requirements.

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