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Option to Set Chat Incident Status to Solved in BUI
Answer ID 12524   |   Last Review Date 01/17/2023

How can I set the status to Solved automatically for chat incidents in BUI?


Chat, Browser UI
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Starting with the Browser UI version released in January 2023, a new custom configuration setting is supported to set status to Solved automatically for incidents created from Chat. Steps provided below are to be used for agents working in Browser UI only. In order to enable this feature for agents working in the .NET Agent Desktop Console, please see this Answer Link: Chat Flexible Incident Editing.
In the .NET Agent Desktop console, create a new custom configuration setting:
  • Type: Text
  • Add a comma delimited list of Interaction Workspace IDs, to be used on the profiles where incident status should be set automatically to Solved when created from chat. 
Note: This functionality is intended only for incidents created automatically during chat. The status will not be changed for incidents created via the 'Add to Incident' or 'Add to New Incident' buttons in the Interaction workspace.