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Delay when associating a contact to a different organization
Answer ID 12457   |   Last Review Date 11/04/2022

Why does it take a few minutes or even hours for a contact to see the correct incidents after the organization is changed.


All supported product versions

Certain changes to data will require additional cascading changes be made.  In this case, when a contact org is changed, all incidents associated to the contact must be updated to reflect the new organization ID. 

Depending on the site, this could be a lot of incidents so Oracle B2C Service will utilize a utility to slowly make the incident changes.  All cascading changes to records are queued up and processed by the utility.  With small changes, the utility will typically finish work within 15 minutes.  However, when millions of records must be updated, the changes can take hours or even days (in the most extreme cases) to complete.  Once the utility has processed the changes, reports will return the expected data.