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Oracle Cobrowse Deprecation and EOL
Answer ID 12454   |   Last Review Date 11/21/2022

What do I need to know about Oracle Cobrowse deprecation and EOL?


Cobrowse all versions and environments


All versions of Cobrowse are deprecated as of December 8th 2022, the following provide details of the SKU’s and alternative offerings for similar capabilities.

Description of the feature or technology that is being deprecated

As part of continued product improvement and providing enhanced customer value around digital collaboration we are announcing the deprecation of the existing Cobrowse product covered by the following SKU's

  • Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop B78652-78655
  • Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service B68246, B68278, B78656, B78657
  • Oracle RightNow Enterprise Contact Center Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service B88488-91, B76485-88
  • Oracle Fusion Chat and Cobrowse Cloud Service B91071


Description of the replacement planned

The replacement strategy for the effected SKUs requires customers to move to one of the Live Experience product SKU’s below, should they wish to maintain Cobrowse like features past the published EOL date of December 31st 2023.

  • Existing RightNow customers may choose from one of the following.
    • Oracle Standalone Live Experience Cloud Service - Premium B89063
    • Oracle Live Experience for RightNow Cloud Service – Premium B92097 B92099 B92101 B92103
  • For existing Fusion Service customers, they may opt for
    • Oracle Live Experience for Fusion Service and Service Cloud Service – Premium B92152
    • Or the Digital Collaboration SKU when it becomes available


The Live Experience product provides digital voice and video along with screen sharing capabilities and is planned to be extended to include Cobrowse like feature capabilities that cover Instant mode Cobrowse sessions (ICB) to enable full Document Object Model (DOM) control, pointer navigation, annotations and secure features like masking for web-based collaboration.

Application based sharing provided by Advanced Mode (ACB) may be covered by the zero download capabilities provided by Live Experience's use of WebRTC that enables a browser to share full screens (including multiple monitor support), or desktop applications. Such capabilities however will not provide for full desktop interaction from the agent (Keyboard or mouse control) or secure screen masking capabilities as this will be a view only mode collaboration capability. This enhances consumer facing security by putting them in control of what they would like to share or not and by disallowing direct control of their desktop outside of a browser session improves overall collaboration security and consumer safety.

Customers should plan a migration to the new Live Experience SKU's prior to the EOL support date of December 31st 2023. For this customers will need to reach out to their Account Manager, Oracle Consulting Services or partners for further assistance.

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