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Named Event not working in Workspace Rules when using BUI
Answer ID 12449   |   Last Review Date 10/27/2022

Why is the Named Event triggered from Workspace Rules not triggering the Event Listener within the BUI Workspace Extension?


Browser User Interface (BUI), BUI Extensions
Oracle B2C Service


The BUI workspace loading sequence is as follows:
  • Workspace rules are registered on completion of data being loaded to a workspace.
  • In parallel the UI binding will be done which will load all BUI extensions configured in the workspace, and on completion the Editor Loaded rule will be triggered.
Thus, it is a matter of timing whether Event Listeners defined within BUI workspace extensions will be loaded before workspace rules are triggered. Instead of using the EventListner approach this functionality can be achieved by Invoking Global Actions from Workspace Rules, as documented here. Alternatively, associated workspace rules can be triggered using the Editor Loaded rule, since it is not triggered until all workspace extensions have been loaded to the workspace.