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How to be copied on all service requests from my organization
Answer ID 12443   |   Last Review Date 10/04/2022

How can a contact be copied (not set to the primary contact) on all service requests submitted from my organization?


Oracle B2C Service Support Site, Service Requests (SRs)


Our system will not allow you to be added to the CC field of all service requests, regardless of the severity level.  However, you can be added as a secondary contact on the severity level 1 and 2 service requests, which is a very useful option as you can update the service request using the Customer Portal pages and you will be CC'd on all responses.
In order to set this option, you will need to go to and towards the bottom of the page you will need to check the option "I want to be added to severity 1 and 2 service requests created for my organization".

Please note, this option is only accessible for Primary Support Contacts or a contact with Manage Contacts privileges.  If you do not meet this criteria, you will not see this option available to select.