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Export SAML metadata from Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 12435   |   Last Review Date 09/27/2022

How can I get the SAML metadata XML for my site?

  • Oracle B2C Service
  • any version
  • provisioned for SSO / Single Sign-On
Our IT team needs the service provider metadata to set up single sign-on.
  1. Log into the Agent Desktop (.NET console) application.
  2. Add the Single Sign-On Configurations component to your navigation set, if it is not present already. It can be found under Components, Common.
  3. Open Single Sign-On Configurations.
  4. In the ribbon, choose the appropriate export button and save the file.
If the Single Sign-On Configurations tool is not available in the navigation set editor, consult your sales account manager to ensure that your site has been provisioned with this functionality.
Every site has a unique default entity ID, such as "RNT-SP-1-mi287uAd3KBygpOOd4KqA6HQRvM=". If you do not (or ADFS does not) like this default value, you can change it. See the answer Change SSO entity ID for details. The configuration setting is SSO_ENTITY_ID.