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Use of browser extensions with the Browser User Interface
Answer ID 12328   |   Last Review Date 08/01/2022

Why does my report/dashboard open blank in BUI but work in the Agent Desktop (.NET) console?

Browser UI (BUI)
While use of browser extensions or ad blockers such as uBlock or AdblockPlus may be helpful at limiting ads on agent's browsers, they can interfere with the operation of the BUI client. 
Therefore we suggest that all browser extensions be disabled for the BUI client URL. Please refer to the extension documentation for information on disabling the extension while using BUI or remove it completely.
Some reported symptoms include:
  • A report or dashboard opening blank or incompletely
  • Workspace buttons not actioning on click
  • Pages not loading completely
  • Assorted random errors
Additionally browsers used with BUI should always be on the latest supported version. For more information please refer to answer ID 9527: Supported browsers for the Agent Browser User Interface