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Oracle hosted mailbox processing order
Answer ID 12282   |   Last Review Date 07/05/2022

What is the order in which the techmail-S utility processes incoming emails in Oracle hosted mailboxes?

Incoming E-mail, Oracle B2C Service, All versions
Incoming emails are processed by the techmail-S utility in ascending order by their respective mailbox_id, but the first mailbox to be processed will always be the default service mailbox regardless of its mailbox_id. For example, in the scenario where there are three Oracle hosted mailboxes configured: mailbox_id: 1, mailbox_id: 2 and mailbox_id: 3 (default service mailbox), techmail-S would process the incoming emails in the the following order:
  1. mailbox_id 3 (default service mailbox)
  2. mailbox_id 1
  3. mailbox_id 2