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Knowledge Advanced Analytics Report Currency
Answer ID 12268   |   Last Review Date 06/27/2022

What is the currency of the Knowledge Advanced Analytics Reports?

  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only
  • Authoring
  • Adding and Editing Content
Different reports have different data currency.
  • The content authoring reports are real time. They operate with views on the authoring tables. As soon as an author saves changes to the reports these can be seen in the content reports.
  • For example 'Answers by Category'.
  • There are daily reports that are configured to allow the user to select the time window filter. This allows the customer to pick time window. If the report has a window filter, data in that report will be available with 4 hour delay when viewing the hourly filter. Some reports only have a daily window and these have currency to the last day.

    For example 'Most useful Articles' report is configured to look at only daily window at the moment.
  • The aggregated reports are produced by a dataminer job. The dataminer job has a 4 hour delay cycle.
  • There is one transaction report that is run every 15 minutes. That is the Keyword searches report.
Individual Reports:
Most Useful articles - The report for most Useful Articles is configured to only show the daily window data.  Daily window data is purged and rolled up by Data miner automatically when it is collected for a full month. So, daily data is available for around 45 days.

Any report based on the questions table will only show the last 60 days of data.  This data then gets aggregated into other reports that keeps aggregate data longer. The 60 days can be extended to 90 days.
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