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Activating Email Article Link Notification Changes
Answer ID 12201   |   Last Review Date 04/26/2022

What causes the Email Article Link changes to be activated when users send notifications in the Customer Portal?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only, all versions
  • Authoring, Customer Portal Customization
  • Changing Email Article Link Notification template on Authoring Tools Tab --> Tasks & Notifications


All templates changes are activated when they are saved except for the Email Article Link template.


To enable the changed template, you need to change the widget configuration in CP, so that latest template gets picked up. Please refer the below documentation and change the “use_database_template” to ‘true’ (default is ‘false’), so that the updated email notification template gets picked up.

To view the documentation for the widget go to the ci/admin interface and type in the widget search okcsemailanswerlink.
This will bring up the standard/okcs/OkcsEmailAnswerLink widget documentation.