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Managing Event Subscription Status
Answer ID 12183   |   Last Review Date 04/20/2022

What do I need to know in terms of the status field on Event Subscription configurations in Oracle B2C Service? 


Event Subscriptions, Service Process Model (SPM)
Oracle B2C Service


There are three available statuses for Event Subscription configurations/records. These are Active (1), Paused (2), and Inactive (3). 
The difference between Inactive and Paused is that Inactive triggers no Service Process Model (SPM) queue activity. With Paused, the SPM handler executes, but it does not actually make an outbound curl call to the subscribed endpoint. Rather, an message is logged to the site/interface Info log (indicating 'SubscriptionEventHandler failed: Errno: 1; Retrying Event Subscription'). The Paused events are retried, and if the particular Event Subscription configuration is still in that (Paused) state, it will log another entry in the Info log, and will be retried a number of times before being automatically removed from the queue.
When an integration which was Active is deactivated in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), the status moves to Paused. The status moves back to Active when the integration is reactivated in OIC.

Another thing to consider is clone/test sites. All the event subscriptions are marked inactive in a newly cloned/refreshed site, so the events on the cloned site don’t affect the integrations tied to the original site.