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Reply All link in message response
Answer ID 12127   |   Last Review Date 01/05/2023

Why do I not see the Reply All link when sending a response message? 


Oracle B2C Service, BUI


In order to get the "Reply All" link to show up, the incident has to have a response from Techmail or created from Techmail that included multiple emails, whether separated by semicolons or  included in cc: on that email. Once the incident has been created and the Browser UI user is ready to send a response, start a response on the messages tab. Click the "Cc/Bcc" link on the right side to access the "Reply All" link.  This will populate the email addresses into the cc: field.

Note: Reply All displays only when the EGW_SAVE_EMAIL_HEADERS configuration setting on the Service Console has been enabled. This setting also allows you to view complete email-header information by clicking any envelope icon in the committed threads panel.

To learn more about sending a response read documentation here: