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Answer notifications must expire
Answer ID 12061   |   Last Review Date 02/18/2022

How do I make contacts' answer notifications (subscriptions) never expire?

  • Oracle B2C Service, version 21C and later
  • Answers
ANS_NOTIF_DURATION can't be set to 0 anymore. We want to set it to that.
This restriction is intended. A setting of 0 (indefinite) is no longer allowed.
The valid range of the ANS_NOTIF_DURATION configuration setting has changed in 21C and later versions. The previous configuration setting value range was zero or greater, where zero disabled notification expiration, and any positive number expired notifications after that number of days. The new configuration setting range is from 1 to 730. If the existing configuration setting has a value equal to zero or a value greater than 730, the configuration setting will be set to 730, the new maximum.
Since, it is no longer possible to have answer notifications that never expire. Many notification subscriptions will immediately expire as part of an upgrade.
For more information about changes between B2C Service releases, see the Update Guide for the version your site is updating to. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.
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