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Inlays and the CP_CONTACT_LOGIN_REQUIRED configuration setting
Answer ID 12051   |   Last Review Date 01/11/2022

Why do I get an error when requesting a chat from an Inlay after enabling CP_CONTACT_LOGIN_REQUIRED?

Customer Portal
The following error occurs when requesting a chat from an Inlay:
"There was a problem connecting to the Chat Server."
One of the reasons for this error is the configuration CP_CONTACT_LOGIN_REQUIRED.  When set to one, CP_CONTACT_LOGIN_REQUIRED will prevent chat sessions from entering the system.
To remedy this issue, set the configuration for CP_CONTACT_LOGIN_REQUIRED to null (0).  If you require authentication for Customer Portal pages, then you should ensure that the attribute login_required is set to true on the page level.​​​​​​  Answer Link: Requiring customers to log in to end-user pages


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