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How to manage Manual Links and Learned Links in Authoring
Answer ID 12043   |   Last Review Date 01/03/2022

When should you use Manual Links VS Learned Links when authoring Knowledge Advanced Content?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only
  • Authoring
  • Adding and Editing Content
There are three types of links that can be used with content. 
  • embedded article links  - These are added directly into the content as it is being created.  Embedded links are described in the documentation here.
  • Manual Links or Related Content Links.  These are manually assigned to the article under the Links section on the article view page.
  • Learned Links are also viewable and can be blocked under the Links section on the article view page.
Search results and the ordering of search results is the best way for the user to find their answer.  They can ask for the content that they really want to see.  Links can add assistance to that.  
-- Manual Links or Related Content are not stored in an order in the database.  And therefore do not come back in a specific order.
-- The learned links come back in order by their score.  The highest score will come back first etc.  But if there are two articles with the same score then they could come back in different orders.
-- You can prevent a learned link from showing by blocking it in the widget okcs/OkcsRelatedAnswers.
-- Creating a manual link will override the learned link scoring as the manual links return first in the related content section of the article.  If you delete the manual links then it will revert back to scoring order in the learned links.
-- As articles are viewed by users the learned link scores will increase and the order can change.
-- The limit of articles by default is 5 in the widget.  This can be changed from 1 to 20.  If it is set to 5 and there are 5 manual links that can be displayed then all 5 will be manual links.
A link is only shown if it meets the following criteria
  • It is published
  • The current date falls within the display date range
  • The user has access to the answer access/user groups
You can write a report against the links table - ml_links. The src_id is the answer id for the learned link.  The table to join it with is okcs_content_version, where you can get the summary of the linked article and latest for latest version, answer_id and document ref.