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Oracle Field Service Login and API domains Deprecation
Answer ID 12036   |   Last Review Date 02/17/2022

Are there any actions that I need to take to prepare for OFS Login and API Portals removal?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
As announced in OFS 22A What's New, the and htpps:// URL schemes, used as one of the options to access Oracle Field Service are deprecated and not recommended for use. Authentication requests using these domains might be served by any of Oracle data centers causing additional redirects to a data center where the target Oracle Field Service environment is running. This might result into extra latency, increased rate of errors, and possible issues related to data residency. Review and change your current integrations and if needed, change the address to use the standard <instance_name> URL scheme. This change will improve authentication time and adhere to government and corporate policy regulations related to data residency by ensuring by ensuring the request is directed to the proper data center. Currently, OFS supports two domains: the legacy and the new
Note: is already available to customers to connect to. We highly suggest using as the legacy URL will eventually be removed


Below you will find the actions required in both Test and Production instance types prior to the and being removed.

User access
User access should be changed from to the <instance_name> or <instance_name> URL scheme. The instance name is defined in Your Provisioned Instances in the Cloud Portal (found on the Service Console). This would be the same name that you set up for your OFS instance. For example, if you entered "moresunshine", your URL will be "" or "" (both URL's are currently usable, however is suggested as it is the new standard domain).
If your Login Policy (i.e., SAML, OpenID) is still configured to use an outdated metadata file ('Generate metadata using (not recommended)'), you will need to change the configuration:
  1. Ensure you are on a Test instance as changes are irreversible.
  2. Select the option 'Generate metadata using instance URL' and download the new metadata file
  3. Upload the new metadata file to your IdP server and ensure you are able to authenticate at this instance using <instance_name>  URL scheme.
  4. Only after validating your access in Test instance continue to perform the same set of actions in production.
OFS metadata screen. Option "Generate metadata using (not recommended)" is selected
API requests
All API requests must be sent to <instance_name> or <instance_name> URL scheme instead of The Oracle assigned Instance Name that is defined in Your Provisioned Instances in the Cloud Portal (found on the Service Console). This name begins with 'ofsc'. If the Instance Name in the Service Console is 'ofsc-1111', the API URL would be '' or ''. Example of API request:{activityId} or{activityId} (both URL's are currently usable, however is suggested as it is the new standard domain.
Similar to what has been announced in Oracle Field Service (OFS) Infrastructure Migration to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), if your network has firewall rules, email anti-relay or anti-spam measures, proxy, antivirus or other filtering, ensure the following:
  • For Incoming traffic (Customer >> Oracle): domains * and * are both added;
  • For the Outgoing traffic (Oracle >> Customer) the JSON file with the IP Address Ranges (see IP blocks with tag "OSN" that belongs to your OCI regions) is implemented.
Frequently Asked Questions
When can I start testing the <instance_name> or <instance_name> URL scheme?
You can start anytime.
Will there be any downtime?
We do not anticipate any downtime after the Login and API Portals removal as long as you take all measures to migrate to the earlier announced standard URL scheme.
Can I refuse/cancel the removal of the API/Login Portals?
It is not possible to refuse/cancel the removal of the API/Login Portals.
Do we need to change Client ID/Secret of OFS applications after we switch to <instance_name> URL scheme?
No further changes to the Client ID/Secret are required. The authentication structure stays the same as mentioned in REST API for Oracle Field Service. The only change is from the single point of contact API Portal to the instance-defined URL (that is, from <instance_name> or <instance_name>
My instance was provisioned a few years ago with Can I use either <instance_name> and
We suggest that you start switching to the new standard domain at your earliest convenience. The switch is not mandatory at the moment and does not depend on the OFS version. We do, however, suggest to wait with any SSO switch to the till later this year when support for instances supporting both and domains becomes available. For LDAP connections, you can already start testing
My instance was provisioned with Can I use either <instance_name> and
No. If your instance was provisioned with the new standard domain, it is not possible to use <instance_name>
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If you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime, do not hesitate to submit a Service Request to the CX Portal or contact us directly.