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Text with email header elements (such as Subject:, Date:, From:, To: ) is removed from the thread
Answer ID 12023   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2022

Why is Original Message the only part of the body of my email displaying in the incident?

All versions, incoming email
Techmail has functionality to remove the elements from a previous email reply from a new thread to avoid repeating text.  
Sometimes new email content may resemble the header information from a previous reply, or boilerplate, and therefore be removed.
A previous reply may appear in an email as follows:
Hi John,
Thank you for your request.
-----Original Message-----
Subject: New request
Date: Dec 07, 2021 22:00:00
Techmail searches email text for an exact match to any three elements of the boilerplate.  Because the reply is usually added after the new content, techmail will truncate any text including the boilerplate. 
Techmail flags the following as elements of the boilerplate:
  • -----Original Message-----
  • Subject:
  • Date:
  • From:
  • Sent:
  • Cc:
  • To:
  • [mailto:
  • On 
  • On...wrote
When valid content is detected as the boilerplate, changing the text of the elements may be the easiest fix. For specific emails, that would require the sender to manually make those modifications. Otherwise, if messages are being sent by an integration, the integration code needs to be modified to change the template.

Subject: > Subject
Subject > RequestSubject