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Automated Monitoring for Site Customizations
Answer ID 11993   |   Last Review Date 10/26/2021

How do I implement automated monitoring for my site customizations?


Oracle B2C Service Customizations, Custom Objects, Analytics Reports, Connecto for PHP Mail API
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I would like to be notified when there are problems with my site customizations, but don't now know how to implement.


Oracle B2C Service site/instances support functionality that can be used to facilitate automated monitoring of site customizations.

To start, Customizations can be implemented to write error condition details to custom object tables (this is different than customization logging, in that general logging to custom object tables is not recommended). Custom object tables are exposed to (can be used with) the Analytics Reporting product feature, and as such, automated reporting can be used to email site/customization administrators when problems arise.

Also, the Connect for PHP Mail API ('Public Mail API' section) was built to facilitate the notification of site/customization administrators when issues are encountered in customizations implemented using this API. To use this, customization implementers must code the use of the Mail API in a way that will notify under the situations that matter. Also, care should be taken that customizations are coded in a way that allows for the email address(es) used to notify can be, and are, managed efficiently over time. Situations that will be valuable in notifying include conditions such as integration call timeouts and code exceptions.

In terms of the proper exception handling for Oracle B2C Service customizations using PHP see

Answer ID 9640: Connect for PHP Best Practices and Gotchas

For general details on how to troubleshoot customizations when a problem is discovered/encountered, see

Answer ID 11994: Troubleshooting problems with site customizations and integrations