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Error message about 'technical difficulties' displayed in various places intermittently
Answer ID 11989   |   Last Review Date 10/19/2021

What causes the message "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.  Please wait and try this page again at a later time." to be displayed and what should we do about it?


Oracle B2C Service, Customer Portal, Chat, etc.


This message can be displayed in various areas and is an error message when our servers are experiencing high load and not able to provide the information. It has occurred in the Engagement Panel preventing chat agents from seeing the chat transcript, in Customer Portal end-user pages, in Business Rules displaying a rule, at the login screen for using either the .NET console or Browser UI, etc.  

The error message resembles the images below and is shown in 9 languages with the English version:
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.  
Please wait and try this page again at a later time.

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Images of the error message

  1. The 'Technical Difficulties' message shown in .NET Console login screen 
  2. The 'Technical Difficulties' message shown in chat agent engagement


This is an error splash page that can occur when our servers experience high load and are unable to display the required information. The impact is usually brief (a few minutes). Some options for handling this, depending on where it occurred include:

  • Chat: Chat agents can't see the engagement panel transcript, just the error splash page. Agents can send messages to end-users, but not see any messages they send or receive. Agents should transfer the chat to another agent or to the queue then logout/login of chat. The error splash page is usually intermittent and is not likely to impact the next chat they service
  • Login: Agent Console login screen or Agent Web login shows error splash instead of username/password. Close the application and wait a few minutes and try again.
  • Customer Portal: End-user pages are showing the error splash page so no answers, incidents, chat or other parts can be accessed.
  • Business Rules: The error splash page is shown instead of the rule selected for viewing or editing. Close the Rules component and wait a few minutes before trying again.

If you see this issue persisting please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support and provide details or who, when (include time zone) and where the issue is occurring.