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"Custom Object Rules are being updated to Enhanced Business Rules" message
Answer ID 11962   |   Last Review Date 09/28/2021

Why do I see "Custom Object Rules are being updated to Enhanced Business Rules. You will be notified when the process is complete.?" after launching the Rules Editor? 


Oracle B2C Service, Enhanced Business Rules

You may see this notification when you launch the Rules Editor in Agent Browser UI. The current version of B2C your site is on uses an updated backend framework for rules. Hence, it is critical that the Custom object rules is upgraded to use this new framework. This DOES NOT involve a migration. You will see this message when you launch the Rules Editor and your custom object rules framework hasn’t been upgraded to the new framework yet. The process takes place at the backend and should take few seconds to minutes to complete. While this process is in progress, you will not be able to access the Custom object rules for editing. You will receive a subsequent notification when the rules upgrade is complete (“Custom object rules have been updated to Enhanced Business Rules successfully”) after which you can continue to open/edit Custom object rules as you generally would. Please note that once the upgrade completes, you should no longer receive any notifications related to Custom Object Rules update.