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Enhanced Business Rule deployments
Answer ID 11960   |   Last Review Date 09/20/2021

How can I determine when my incident Enhanced Business Rules last deployed? 


Oracle B2C Service, Enhanced Business Rules


At the time an agent clicks the "Deploy" button to deploy a specific rule_base, they will see a notification saying this deployment has started. Once the deployment is finished, they will then receive a new notification. However, if you are not the agent who ran the deployment or want to look in the past for when it was last deployed, the following options are available:
1) Another option is to view the rule base specific Audit Log within Rules, under the Object you are interested in. For example, go to Rules -> Incidents -> Audit Log tab and search there to see when the Incident rule_base was last deployed. 
2) An entry is added to the deployments table when the deployment started. You could create a report using the fields provided in the deployments table. Use the data dictionary to determine field names you can use in your report. Some examples are these fields: start_time, end_time, created, state
   The 'state' labels are as follows: 
      2 -> Deployment in Progress, 3 -> Deployment in Production, 5 -> Deployment inactive