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Adjusting brand logo for dark and light themes in Browser UI
Answer ID 11895   |   Last Review Date 10/12/2022

When I added my company logo to the Browser UI, why does it only appear for the Vanilla and Light Blue themes? 


Oracle B2C Service, Browser UI  


The following documentation link explains why this happens and shows the two different settings required for the dark themes and light themes:

Change the Logo on the Agent Browser UI

This shows the two configuration settings you will need to create in order to use one logo image for the dark themes and another alternate logo for the light themes: 

CUSTOM_CFG_BUI_LOGO_IMAGE_URL (dark grey or dark blue)

CUSTOM_CFG_BUI_LOGO_ALT_IMAGE_URL (vanilla or light blue)

This should be very helpful in allowing you to make the necessary changes in order to see the correct logo when using each theme setting. 

These additional details show the full process needed in order to upload the image you want to use for your company logo and then using the documentation from above at the end to allow those images to be used in the new configuration settings you'll be creating. You'll want to test this on your test site to confirm it appears as expected. 

1. Upload the image files to the Customer Portal directory under /cp/customer/assets/themes/ (for example) or a subfolder of themes.

2. VERY IMPORTANT:  Stage and Deploy this image so it is available for Production

3. Confirm you can view the file in a browser with a link like this:

4. Follow steps outlined in this User Guide link using the location from above as your URL. (same URL as above)

5. Logout and login to the Browser UI to see the changes!