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The process for hiding the Action Center within Browser User Interface.
Answer ID 11889   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2022

How do I disable or hide the Action Center?


Browser User Interface (BUI)


The Action Center is new. The intent is to present users with an easy to digest dashboard covering; Recent Items, Quick Create, Notifications, and Open Tabs.

It is possible to disable the Action Center, however this can only be done at the interface or site level (not profile specific).

To disable the Action Center, a Custom Configuration Setting will need to be created by an administrator with the appropriate priveleges. For more information on how to create a Custom Configuration Setting, please see this section of the Product Documentation.

  • Custom Configuration Name (Key): CUSTOM_CFG_ACTION_CENTER_DISABLED
  • Data Type: Yes/No
  • Default value: Yes

Note that setting this configuration setting value to Yes will disable the Action Center.