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Difference in Attachment behavior between Chat Transfer to Queue and Chat Transfer to Agent
Answer ID 11849   |   Last Review Date 03/30/2021

Why can an Attachment be unaccessible in the Chat Transcript after a Chat is Transferred?


Oracle B2C Service, B2C Service Chat


End-users can add attachments to an active Chat session. The Agent assigned to that Chat can view the attachment via the link provided in the Chat Transcript. This behavior changes under the following condition; the Agent transfers the Chat to a Chat Queue, using the Transfer to Chat Queue functionality. When the Chat is transferred to Queue, the following occurs:

  • The Incident that is associated with the Chat will be saved.
  • File Attachment Server (FAS) design moves the Attachment to the Incident.
  • The Attachment is no longer available from the link in the Chat Transcript.

The next Agent to accept this Chat from the Queue that attempts to click the Attachment link in the Chat Transcript will be provided the following error message:

"There was an error downloading the attachment. If an incident was created from a chat, the attachments were moved to the Incident. Please download the attachment from the Incident."

This informs the Agent that in order to view the attachment, the Agent will need to navigate to the associated Incident's File Attachments. It also prevents the Attachment from being lost, should the End-User leave while the Chat is in Queue.

Note: If a Chat is Transferred to Agent instead of Queue, the Attachment(s) will still be available in the Chat Transcript. This is due to the above process not taking place.