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Connecting an Intelligent Advisor site to an Oracle B2C Service site
Answer ID 11832   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2021

How do I connect the Intelligent Advisor site to the Oracle B2C Service site or re-connect the sites after a test site refresh?


Intelligent Advisor
Oracle Cloud portal - Configuration Assistant


You are able to log into My Services and use the Configuration Assistant self-service tool to connect or re-connect your Intelligent Advisor and Oracle B2C Service sites by following the instructions in the .pdf/html document provided in knowledgebase answer Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal .

In the case of the following scenarios, you will need to submit a service request and the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team will need to manually establish the connection for you.

1.  The Intelligent Advisor sites are hosted on different pods/datacenters.
2.  The connection needs to be established on a different interface than the primary interface.
3.  A request to switch the existing connection to a different site.

Note, when submitting the service request, please specify the exact site names for both sites you are requesting to connect.  The connection will always be on the primary interface, unless otherwise specified.