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The raw_message.mht file is not being attached during incident creation
Answer ID 11818   |   Last Review Date 02/09/2021

Why is the raw_message.mht file not being attached on an incident created by email?


Incoming Emails, Saving Original Email Messages, File Attachments


There are a couple of reasons why the raw_message.mht file may not be attached to an incident upon creation. The first item to check would be that the configuration setting EGW_SAVE_ORIG_MESSAGE is enabled. More information on this configuration setting can be found in Answer ID 2762: Retaining copies of incoming email for incident creation. Also keep in mind that the raw_message.mht file is only attached on incident creation and not on incident updates. 

If EGW_SAVE_ORIG_MESSAGE is enabled, the second item to check is the FATTACH_MAX_SIZE configuration setting. The raw_message.mht file will not be attached if the message is very large, and is over the value set for FATTACH_MAX_SIZE. File attachments may still be attached to the incident. This is because attachment files are added based on the Max Attachment Size setting found under the inbound mailbox settings, but the raw_message.mht file is added based on the FATTACH_MAX_SIZE.

The raw message file size is the combined size of each component that makes up the email message. This may include any attachments, images, signatures, and overhead such as the email header information. For example, if the email message contains four attachments that equal 18 MB in size, and the rest of the contents and overhead of the message is 3 MB in size. The total size of the raw_message.mht file would be 21 MB. The FATTACH_MAX_SIZE is 20 MB by default. In this scenario, the raw_message.mht file would not be attached because it is over 20 MB.

Additional information on the FATTACH_MAX_SIZE configuration setting and the max size limit for file attachments can be found in Answer ID 280: Maximum size of file attachments.