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Non Oracle hosted mailboxes are not working after OCI migration
Answer ID 11815   |   Last Review Date 04/27/2021

Why are our service mailboxes not creating incidents after OCI migration?

For the security of all sites located on OCI Datacenters, the OCI environment does not allow mailboxes to connect to the application via port 110. POP3 protocol uses port 110 for unencrypted access to electronic mail. Customers may receive a proactive service request prior to migration identifying mailboxes that may be impacted. We strongly suggest that you make these changes before migration so that you have time to correct issues such as problems with your SSL certificate or firewall. 

If your non-Oracle hosted mailboxes still have their SSL method set to 'Disabled' after the migration, the techmail utility will attempt to connect via port 110 but it will fail and emails will not be processed into incidents. Techmail may show warnings in the utility logs like 'Error connecting to socket'.

To change the port that techmail attempts to connect to your mailboxes through, you need to change the SSL method by navigating to Site Configuration>Mailboxes>Click the 'Security' tab>Select 'Using pop3 ssl port' from the SSL method dropdown. This will set the techmail utility to connect to your mailbox through port 995. 



If after this change the mailbox returns certificate errors, there are mailbox options available to allow for less secure certificates that may bypass the errors. Ultimately to resolve errors completely, you will need to work with your mail administrators responsible for hosting the mailboxes.