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Knowledge Advanced REST API wrapper
Answer ID 11796   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2021

How do I manage the OKCS user tokens in Customer Portal?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
Customer Portal


There is a requirement for my Knowledge Advanced enabled site to have customized end user pages using the OKCS REST API.


When implementing the customized code, there are numerous endpoints used and each requires an integrationUserToken and a UserToken.  Each of these custom REST API requests should have the token can be cached and reused to reduce too many /authorize calls. Answer Link: Storing client side session data for Knowledge Advanced Customer Portal widgets

In Oracle B2C Service 20B there is new method that handles this for developers
It is the function makeApiRequest and has an example Oracle Knowledge Advanced Overview of the OKCS API Model


For further information on configuring Knowledge Advanced on the Customer Portal
Implementing Knowledge Advanced on the Customer Portal.