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Report shows no results when there is data available
Answer ID 11793   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2020

Why is a report showing no results when there is data available?




It is possible to see zero results returned when refreshing a report that previously had returned data. If zero results are seen on a refresh, it means that more than one search has been triggered at the exact same time by another user. This does not have to be a search from the same report. It can be from any report which contains the same filter or table.

For instance, if one report had a filter containing incident_thread, but another report also contains this same filter, if users run a search at exactly the same time, it can cause zero results to be returned. The reports can also originate from .NET, the Browser User Interface (BUI), or even the Customer Portal Pages (CP). For example, if one report with an incident_search thread filter is run from .NET and another incident search is run from the Customer Portal Pages at exactly the same time then zero results can be returned. 

This functionality is in place to protect the database from being negatively impacted by multiple simultaneous searches on the same table. As a result only one concurrent search is allowed per site. 

To get data to return on the report, the user should wait a few moments and try the refresh again.