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Bypass SSO on BUI and agent console
Answer ID 11754   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2021

Is it possible to log into the BUI without SSO on an SSO enabled site?


Single Sign-on (SSO) on the Browser User Interface (BUI) and the agent console  


If you have SSO set up on the Browser User Interface (BUI) and you need to log into the BUI with an account associated to a non-SSO profile, you can bypass SSO to login by modifying the URL for your BUI and adding /login?ll=1 to the end of it as follows;

https://[site]/AgentWeb/login?ll=1  (For example:

If you have an active Identity Provider set up in the Single Sign-On Configurations component and have enabled Web SSO on the Identity Provider so that the login window is now your Identity Provider (Service Provider Initiated SSO), you can also bypass logging into the agent desktop by using the launch URL for your site and clicking the 'Install Oracle Service Cloud - Internal Login' button;

https://[site]/cgi-bin/[interface].cfg/php/admin/launch.php  (For example:


It is recommended that site administrators have an account that is associated to a non-SSO profile and an account that is associated to a SSO profile to log into your B2C Service instance in the event that your identity provider has issues causing you to be unable to log in with SSO or if you inadvertently misconfigure something during initial SSO set up and are unable to log into your instance with SSO. 

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