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Adding emojis to distinguish activities
Answer ID 11640   |   Last Review Date 07/10/2020

How can I add emojis to identify activities?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I would like to add emojis to identify activities in Oracle Field Service. As an example, I would like the coffee mug to represent Break activities. I don't know if this is possible or how to achieve this configuration.


It is possible to use emojis to identify actiivties. Follow the steps below to achieve such configuration.

1- Go to Configuration > User Type  and select the User Type you would like the users to see the emojis. Go to Screen Configuration > Collaboration and Identifiers  > Activity Identifier. 

2- On the left, select one of the fields already added and click Add Text

3- Right click inside Name field

4- Click on Emoji

5- Select the desired emoji (in this example, the coffee mug) and click OK

OFS enables customers to add specific visibility conditions for these emojis just as in regular properties.

6- To use the coffee mug on activity type 'Break', add visibility condition for aworktype in 'Break'


Note: If you need to edit/change the emoji do not forget to click Save text to save your changes.