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Chat Network Communication, Absent Limits
Answer ID 11553   |   Last Review Date 02/05/2021

Why are my chat absent configurations not being applied?


B2C Service Chat, Configuration Settings


The maximum value that is used in recording an 'absent' event during a chat is 600 seconds (equivalent to 10 minutes).  Many versions of Oracle B2C Service allow a greater number to be entered in the configuration key ABSENT_INTERVAL, but the actual maximum value used and recorded in the 'chat_events' table is 600 seconds.

The maximum value for USER_ABSENT_RETRY_COUNT is 18.  Even if a larger number is entered, once the 18th end-user absent event is reached, the user lost event is recorded and the chat termination is 'End User was Lost'. 

If greater numbers are entered in these configuration keys the end-user messaging will not be accurate.  The message about 'Disconnection in {X} seconds.' described in End-user absent in Chat message uses the actual values entered in the configuration keys and not the limiting values of 600 x 18 = 10,800 seconds (3 hours).  For example, if ABSENT_INTERVAL = 300 and USER_ABSENT_RETRY_COUNT = 25, the end-user will be given a countdown from 7,500 seconds to 300 seconds, every 300 seconds.  However, the chat will actually be disconnected after 300 * 18 = 5,400 seconds.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

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