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Use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or other style attributes in answer editor
Answer ID 11402   |   Last Review Date 03/03/2020

How do I setup my answers to use the style we have on our end user pages (with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets))? 


Answer Editor
Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


The look and feel of answer content is determined by the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files used on the end user pages (Customer Portal), so it is best to not use any style html tags in the answer editor if you want your answers to have a common theme, as those could otherwise override the end user pages style for that answer.
If you want to have different color/font in an answer, we recommend using the text formatting buttons available in the editor ribbon on the Question and Answer tabs. This includes text formatting buttons for bullets, bold, italics, etc.

These text formatting / style tags will override what is set on the end user pages. This is helpful when you want certain text to standout in an answer or for any reason would like it to be different than what is set by the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files on the end user pages. 

If your answer has a different look and feel than expected, when viewing it in Preview mode or on the end user pages, click on the Source button of the Answer tab to see if there are style tags or other text formatting tags there unexpectingly. This can happen for example if you copy and paste in text from another source. 

For further details of the options on the editor ribbon and other features of the answer editor please see the following answer link:  Answer ID 10205: Answer Editor Features