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Account_session_history table shows unexpected interface ID
Answer ID 11213   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2019

Why does the account_session_history table show the primary interface ID even though I logged into a non-primary interface? 


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), agent sessions


Agent (console user) authentication is done on the primary interface for each site, even when logging into a non-primary interface. The type field on the account_session_history table shows which entries are used for authentication and which ones are used to connect to the agent to the correct session. The values used to track who is logged in are Agent Desktop Session (.NET agent desktop) and Web Console Session (Browser UI). These are determined by the agent's login request. The Agent Desktop Session and Web Console Session entries are used against agent session count. 
  • For example, say you have interface 1 (primary) and interface 2 for your site. The agent logs into the agent desktop for interface 2. If you have a report using the account_session_history table and not filtering on the "type" field, then you'll see two entries. One entry for the authentication on the primary interface (done through Single Sign-on on the back end) and one entry for the "Agent Desktop Session".

  • Likewise, if the agent was instead logging into the Browser UI, then you'll see an entry for the Web Console Session as well as an entry for the authentication. 
The standard Logged in Staff Accounts report (under Staff Management) filters on type and only shows the table entries for type of "Agent Desktop Session" and "Web Console Session" (Browser UI), as these are the entries to view for logged in times.