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Login URL for AgentWeb directs to the primary interface for login
Answer ID 11161   |   Last Review Date 10/14/2019

Why does the login URL for the AgentWeb (Browser UI) login page start with the primary interface? 


Oracle B2C Service, Browser UI, AgentWeb


Login URL for AgentWeb (Browser UI) directs to the primary interface for login and then redirects to the specified interface upon a successful login. This only applies to sites which have more than one interface. As an example, say your site has two interfaces:

 interfaceA (primary interface) 
    - AgentWeb url:

    - AgentWeb url:

When you click on, you'll see the login screen and if you look at the URL it now starts with:

This is to be expected because it is using the primary interface to authenticate the login prior to directing you to the interface matching the AgentWeb URL you are using. In the above example, once you enter your correct login credentials, it will direct you to the Browser UI site for interfaceB.