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The response times in the audit log do not match up with "last response" (last_resp) time of the incidents table
Answer ID 11157   |   Last Review Date 01/03/2020

Why does the last response field for an incident have a date not matching the last time a response was sent per the transactions table? 


Oracle B2C Service


When using the incidents' "Date Last Responded" field to trigger an escalation level setting through business rules, viewing the incidents' audit log can be misleading if you are also looking at Auto Responses within the audit log. The only responses which will impact the "Date Last Responded" field are responses sent by the agent. For example, when an agent sends an incident response from the incident editor. These agent responses will then update the "last_resp" field on the incidents table.
The best way to determine which "Date Last Responded" value will be used, is to view the incidents table for the "last_resp" field, which can be done with a report. For example, report "Incident Details" (ac_id 525) includes the "Date Last Responded" field and you could make a copy of this report to be modified to fit your own needs. For further details on modifying reports: