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Account dependency conflict with campaigns
Answer ID 11094   |   Last Review Date 10/01/2019

How do I resolve dependency conflicts with campaigns when trying to change the group on an account?


Accounts, Campaigns


When attempting to change the group assignment or manager assignment on an account, a dependency conflict window opens displaying campaigns, and the group or manager cannot be changed.


The dependency conflicts need to be resolved before the group or manager can be changed on the account. The dependency conflict window points to the campaign and the object in the campaign that is encountering the account dependency conflict.

In the dependency conflict window, the column labeled “Name” lists the name of the campaign. The column labeled “More Info” lists the name of the object having the account dependency conflict. The object will be associated in some way to an account. One example would be for an incident creation that has the assigned field set to the account encountering the conflicts. The other detail to note is that the campaigns with the conflicts will be old campaigns.

To fix the dependency, open the campaign listed under the Name column, and look for the object with the name that is listed under the More Info column. Open this object by double clicking on it, and set the field that is assigned to the account to either no value or to another account. Save the campaign. This action will resolve the conflict.

If the field needs to be changed back to the account it was originally set to, go back into the campaign and assign the field to that account name again and save. Once all of the dependency conflicts have been addressed, the group or manager can be changed on the account.


Older campaigns may encounter this because there was a change in table definitions for the dependencies on accounts. By removing the account and saving, it updates this table definition for the account dependency.