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Techmail vs Techmail On Demand and the Benefits of Using Oracle Managed Mailboxes
Answer ID 11079   |   Last Review Date 09/27/2019

In our latest OSvC Technical Support Webinar, Alex Blanatui discusses the differences between techmail and techmail on demand and the benefits of using Oracle Managed mailboxes. He also covers techmail email filtering and email headers (how to turn on saving email headers and what are the important things we should be looking at when reviewing one). The recorded webinar can be found here. Answers to the Q&A section are also available (PDF). 

Be sure to check our knowledge base for further information about email management. These answers address some of the topics in the webinar:

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Answer ID 17: Sending incident responses to more than one email address

Answer ID 1457: Allowing other contacts to update incidents

Answer ID 280: Maximum size of file attachments

Answer ID 10284: We would like to keep a copy of incoming emails for audit

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