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Hosted applications in Single Sign-On Configuration
Answer ID 11029   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2019

Why are there service providers listed in my Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration when I am not using SSO for authentication in Oracle B2C Service?


Oracle B2C Service sites with certain integrations, including Knowledge Advanced (KA) and Intelligent Advisor


If you open Single Sign-On Configuration, you might see some service providers that you didn't set up and don't recognize.


KA and Intelligent Advisor use SSO for authentication. Oracle B2C Service acts as the identity provider, and the WebLogic domains running the applications are service providers. If you are using SSO for Oracle B2C Service authentication, this will federate up. Even if you are not using SSO for authentication, you will see the service provider(s) listed for the applications you have enabled.

Disabling these service providers will stop the associated integration(s) from functioning as expected.

Example service provider names are provided below. Yours will vary from these examples, but you can identify the associated service by the beginning of the service provider name.

Example Service Providers per Application
Application Prefix Example Service Provider
Knowledge Advanced okcs okcs_domain_va1737-cl7
Intelligent Advisor opa opa_domain_mw877-cl5