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Buttons are greyed out for Analytics Publisher
Answer ID 11024   |   Last Review Date 09/28/2022

Why are my Analytics Publisher buttons and functions greyed out when I try using it with my Intelligent Advisor forms?


Oracle Intelligent Advisor - all releases

Oracle Analytics Publisher - integration with Intelligent Advisor


If the functionalities that come along with the Analytics Publisher for Intelligent Advisor forms are unavailable (greyed out), there are two main aspects that should be checked:

1) First, ensure that the correct Analytics Publisher version is installed to use with Intelligent Advisor.

Details regarding which version to use and how to install it can be found in the Download Analytics Publisher section of online documentation.

2) Secondly, in order for the Analytics Publisher buttons and functions to become available, one must make sure to import the sample XML data. Steps to do this are outlined in the Prepare the RTF form template section of documentation.

For further information on how to configure the integration between Intelligent Advisor and Oracle Analytics Publisher, please refer to forms.