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Browser User Interface workspace is not the correct version
Answer ID 10982   |   Last Review Date 07/19/2019

Why is the Browser User Interface (BUI) workspace not using the standard workspace?


Workspaces, Profiles, Browser User Interface
Oracle B2C Service, 19A, 19B


Workspaces when not defined in the profile settings will use the standard system-defined workspace for the corresponding record type.  This is fully described in Answer: Assigning workspaces to staff profiles. You can copy the standard workspace so changes can be made to meet your business needs and requirements, see Answer Setting up a new workspace.  The new or copied workspace can be associated in the profile so agents will use the customized workspace.  A custom workspace can be created for both the non-browser and browser editors separately or they can be the same workspace.

When you associate a custom workspace for the non-browser editor and do not define a workspace for the associated browser workspace, the non-browser workspace will be used.  For example, if you created a copy of the Incident Standard Workspace and associated that workspace to the Incident Editor, both the browser and non-browser editor will use that Incident workspace.  You can always associate the standard workspace or create another custom workspace specifically for the browser console.