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OKCS related answers not displaying in the interface language
Answer ID 10912   |   Last Review Date 05/27/2019

Why aren't the related answers getting displayed in the interface language, since the answer they are related to is in the interface language?


Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud - all releases


Related answers in the customer portal pages can be either the answers under the Learned Links section or the Manual Links section that have been associated to a specific article.

For manual links, there is an underlying SQL query running in the back end and returning documents limited to the same locale. For learned links, there is no such query running, so there is no guarantee the documents returned will be returned in the same locale.

The service will ignore the language parameter, if it is specified with the underlying request. It will instead look for the linked documents in the same locale, if they exist. If they do not, the service will return the documents in the primary locale.

For more information on how related answers can be setup and configured for Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud, please visit our documentation.