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DateTime Multi-Input Drop-Down Box for the Year Only Showing 49 Rows
Answer ID 10774   |   Last Review Date 09/28/2022

Using the Date Time Multi-Input Dropdown Box, why am I only showing 49 years when I have it setup to show 100?


Intelligent Advisor


The DateTime Multi-Input drop down box is a filtered list so you can type the year you wish or the start of the year and it will show you more choices.  

Let's say you want to display the last 100 years, starting at 2019.

Notice the ellipsis ("...") at the bottom when you start at 2019 and use the slider bar to scroll down to 1970.  That ellipsis ("...") that appears after 1970,  indicates there are more numbers to display.  So if you type 195 for example, it will show you all the years from 1950-1959.

If you click on the date and then use the computer arrow keys and/or page up and page down keys, you can scroll all the way to the bottom.

You can't change the amount of rows displayed in the filtered list box.  However, you do have some other options if you want to explore them.

  1. Use the interview extension framework, so you can render the control using a custom extension. See the Interview Extensions Reference section in online documentation.
  2. Use a different control type, i.e. Calendar or Multi-Input Text Box