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Answer ID 10771   |   Last Review Date 03/07/2019

Can Support find the root cause of a chat issue which occurred over a month ago?


Oracle Service Chat


It is possible for Support to find the root cause of a chat issue long after it occurred, however the likelihood is decreased with time. The reason for this is that chat server logs which are sometimes necessary to determine what caused an issue are not kept indefinitely. Logs are accumulated until they get to a certain size and then rotated up to 13 times. The result is that chat server logs are typically kept about one month. In busier months such as during the Christmas holiday period, end-user chat requests increase and the logs fill up quicker. At these times, chat server logs may be removed sooner than a month.

Chat server logs are also removed as a result of quarterly chat maintenance and emergency server maintenance. Because these chat logs contain server activity for multiple customers, they are not made available to customers.

Most non-server related chat issues can be investigated through the standard Analytics reports listed in the following answer:  Useful Chat Auditing Reports

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