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Advanced Routing for Incidents FAQs
Answer ID 10623   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

What do I need to know about Advanced Routing for incidents?


FAQs on Advanced Routing for Incidents
Oracle B2C Service


Below are Frequently Asked Questions relating to Advanced Routing as it pertains to incidents:

Does Advanced Routing support routing for Incidents?

Yes, Advanced Routing supports incident routing. Incidents can be assigned to agents:

  • Automatically, when they login
  • Or when the number of currently assigned incidents falls below their configured inbox limit

Note: Advanced Routing does not support incident routing when the agent’s profile is set to Pull Mode (when the agent is required to click ‘Fill My Inbox’.

Does Advanced Routing for Incidents respect inbox limits?

Yes, Advanced Routing for incidents does respect inbox limits.
For example:

  • Given 
    • It is outside of operating hours and there are no agents logged in
    • 100 new incidents are created during this time
    • All agents have an inbox limit of 20
  • When Agent #1 logs in, with no incidents previously assigned
  • Then Agent #1 immediately receives 20 new incidents

Does Advanced Routing for Incidents take ‘due date’ into consideration?

Yes, Advanced Routing for incidents does take Due Date into consideration. The order of incident assignment is based on due date. All things being equal, those incidents with an earlier due date will be assigned first.

Does Advanced Routing for Incidents have a timeout or a limit for how long it attempts to route incidents?

Yes, Advanced Routing for incidents has a 96 hour timeout for routing incidents. Once the 96 hour limit is met for an incident, Advanced Routing will stop attempting to route the incident. This timeout is currently not configurable.

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