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Oracle Cloud Services and Policies
Answer ID 10622   |   Last Review Date 03/12/2019

My order document references Oracle Cloud services and policies documentation. Where can I review them?


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Ordering, Services and Agreements Documentation


Your ordering document will reference multiple policies, processes, and service descriptions that will provide detailed information about working with Oracle and our mutual contractual obligations.

The Contracts team provides a website that consolidates all of these references into one place for ease of access. The Oracle Cloud Services page contains documents such as:

  • Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) - copy of the agreement your organization executed with Oracle when you acquired your Oracle Application services.
  • Hosting and Delivery Policies - detailed explanation of Oracle Cloud services you are entitled to such as Security, Service Levels, Support, Change Management, Resiliency, etc.
  • Data Processing Agreements - copy of the agreement between your organization and Oracle concerning processing of Personal Data
  • Invoicing and Financing Policies - copy of Oracle's Standard Policy and Oracle's policies to lease or finance your acquisition of the programs and/or any service
  • Service Descriptions for order SKUs - description of access privileges specific to your Applications Cloud Services such as Product Access and Usage Limits
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