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Multiple thread controls in a Message Templates
Answer ID 10573   |   Last Review Date 09/04/2019

Can I add more than one thread control in the Message Template?


Message Templates, Oracle B2C Service, all versions


It is possible to add two or more thread controls into Message Template for example as a parts of conditional section. However, thread types and thread properties should be specified for each instance of a thread control.

Use incident threads to display all communication related to an incident in your HTML content.


  1. Click Incident Thread in the Dynamic Content section of the Toolbox. An incident thread opens on the content pane.

  2. To edit the thread properties, double-click the incident thread. The Thread Properties window opens .Thread properties display by incident thread type. In Outreach and Feedback, all thread types, except for the Private Note thread type, are selected by default. In message templates, whether or not the Private Note check box is selected by default depends on the message type. For example, message templates that are designed for agents will have the Private Note check box selected by default. However, on message templates that are designed for customers, the check box will be cleared.

  3. To define the types of threads that display in your content, clear or select the check boxes in the Thread Type section.

Note: Because thread types are specific to the type of thread, you may need to edit several (or all) thread types depending on which Oracle B2C Service products your organization uses.

For more information about Message Template functionality, refer to the Overview: Message Templates section of online documentation. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.