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Chat incident does not have a contact associated
Answer ID 10569   |   Last Review Date 02/07/2019

Why are incidents created from chat not being associated with a contact?


Oracle B2C Service Chat


When your chat workspace is configured to "Create/associate related incident at the beginning of a chat" and you find that the resulting incident created does not have the contact associated to it, this may be due to your incident workspace configuration.

Follow the below steps to check the Default Value configuration for the Contact field:

1. Open your incident workspace in Edit mode and click on the Contact field. 

2. On the ribbon, click on the Design tab and Default Value. 

3. Make sure that the "From the Workspace" configuration is not checked. 

Leaving this configuration checked, while also leaving the Contact field in your incident workspace as a null value will cause it to inherit this null value from the workspace instead of associating it from the chat.